Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Schizophrenia in dogs - Sudden changes of behaviour

Schizophrenia in dogs is not as uncommon as one might think. Dogs who show signs of sudden changes of behavior might be experiencing symptoms of schizophrenia. Your dog may be a minute, then friendly, Growl and that fits you the next, leaving you wondering what brought rapid change.

Schizophrenia in dogs is characterized by acute alterations in personality without any apparent reason. It is most often due to a change of mood for the pet owner and occurs in homes where chaos rules.It can also be evident in homes where pet owners do not have established borders or limits to their mascotas.Además, can have many personalities, facing the dog at home, and these differences can have an impact, can lead to aggressive behavior.

Behavior aggressive in a dog friendly otherwise is the major cause for concern. A member of the family or the visitor to your home can be attacked and severely wounded should your pet perceive a threat that does not exist.In many cases, the owner of the pet has been attacked by its own mascot querida.Cuanto more owner tries to soothe and calm, the more aggressive dog turns on. Unfortunately, it is possible the pet should be slaughtered.

The dog is a member of the family, and it is not easy to admit that there is a problem that needs to rectify an as soon as possible. In view of this, get in touch with a qualified instructor or veterinarian for help in finding a solution to save everyone of the serious consequences of a fierce attack.

Keep a record of his dog behavior and events surrounding the beginning of a State of negative moods such as sudden noises or arguments between members of the family home. Please note the body language, behavior of the dog pre-show and expression eye.This will help the coach or the veterinarian has a better understanding of what might be affecting your pet's personality.

Monitor the behavior of your dog in various environments and activities in the home, such as when the House is quiet and peaceful and when it is not.If you have young children running, you may want to place the dog behind a door closed to protegerlos.Cualquier person with children know the noise and the chaos that may be generated.Your dog may feel threatened and confused, which can cause a change in a negative mood State.

Animals that are schizophrenic may react differently to different situations.Some do well in the chaos, while others may need peace and tranquilidad.Se is important information that must be transmitted to the veterinarian or coach.

You can help your dog recover confidence when they spent more time quality juntos.Mostrando always love and affection can help your dog to feel safe and comfortable to overcome feelings which produced negative mood.

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